Monday, November 9, 2009

Mad Men, Mad Party & Eggs

It isn't really surprising I follow Mad Men.  After all, I'm secretly a 1960s white house wife.  I neglected to take photos of the Mad Men viewing party I attended last night, but I experienced a first; the deviled egg.  I've always been a fan of egg salad sandwiches, as hardboiled eggs are one of the very limited styles of egg I like to eat.  So it's surprising I never got around to eating a deviled egg.  But really, who makes them these days? Certainly not any eatery, and definitely not any Indians.   If I'm ever at a loss for something to eat, I will make a quick batch of deviled eggs with extra pepper :)

By the way, last night's season finale was definitely fulfilling in every way, and that was not due to the champagne and martinis.

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  1. There will be deviled eggs this weekend. Just sayin'.