Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brian's Party!!!

As I mentioned before, Brian had a Halloween party last night and I was going to bring a sweet snack and savory snack.

Well, here they are

Up above is Spider cheeseball.  I named him Otis. He was devoured back to front.  I used pipe cleaner for the leg, and whole black olives inserted with toothpicks.  I would totally do this again.  It was easy and delicious.

Now this is of the cheesecake pops.  These were a hit, but I think I would do a few things differently for next time.  I would probably use candy melts instead of chocolate chips since they were a pain to re-melt.  I would also recommend taking out small batches of the frozen cheesecake on sticks and melting it because they do tend to thaw quickly and fall off the stick.  The key to these was waiting until the right temperature to dip them in sprinkles or stick on the candy corn.  And one more thing I would do is dip it in graham crackers.  It definitely adds something to the taste.  Next time I'm going to try white chocolate.

And here are a few more pics from the party. I omitted people dressed up since they haven't approved of the pics I took of them, and I just photograph badly.  I look like a midget in all of the photos.

Mmmmm, candy


I named this fellow Murray

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