Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sushi Time!

My long awaited sushi class took place yesterday at the California Sushi Academy in West LA!  Boyfriend and I took the class to celebrate our one year anniversary, and it was a blast.  Surprisingly, sushi is easy to make, however I'm guessing the ease of the class had a lot to do with the sushi rice being pre-made for us, and the pieces of fish already cut.  However, I was surprised to learn how easy it was to cut the veggies and rolls as long as you have the right materials

We also had a great surprise guest--the food network crew!  They came to our class to tape us for a few minutes for their show Chefs vs. The City.  I'm guessing the episode will take place in LA and involve speed sushi making at the academy.  I wish I wore a more flattering outfit.

Anyway, back to sushi.  Here's what we made in order:

1. Cucumber rolls
2. California rolls
3. Rainbow rolls
4. Spicy tuna rolls
5. Spicy tuna hand roll
6. Bonus roll: I made an everything roll with spicy tuna, avocado, and cucumber which tasted divine, but wasn't fully rolled due to too many veggies.

Here are some pics

Here is my rainbow roll. Compare this to...

Boyfriend's rainbow roll.  I think mine has more character

spicy tuna roll.  I need to work on my rollin' skills

Spicy tuna hand roll.  I ate two of these in class!

I definitely recommend this class if you're in the LA area and want to take a fun sushi making class.  All of the classes I looked at were the same price, however this class gives you the most bang for your buck, and is great for couples, as well as people going alone.  We took home 3 containers of sushi.

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