Monday, January 4, 2010

My Week In Food

My chocolate chip cookie review is temporarily on hold due to the hectic holidays, and now that I'm working in West LA for the next two weeks.  Thank goodness I can stay at the boyfriend's place while I work here.  Unfortunately, this also means I don't fit in as much gym time as I would like to.  To avoid packing on the new year's pounds, I decided to plan my meals for the work-week and pack my lunches as well as make our dinners.  So what's on the menu this week thanks to Trader Joe's and Albertsons?

Sunday night- I made yummy fish burritos using Puja's recipe posted on her blog.  However I omitted the beans, as neither of us really cares for them.  The thing I love about fish is that it takes little to no time to cook.  We bought 3 pieces of tilapia for well under $2, and I stuffed the burritos with seasoned fish, shredded cabbage, spices, and a nice spicy guacamole.

Monday night- I stumbled upon a 4 pack of salmon burger patties from Trader Joe's. I'm trying to get as much salmon as possible in my diet, and at 110 calories a patty, this looks like a great option.  So I'm making salmon burgers on whole wheat buns.

Tuesday night- I'm doing a simple shrimp and veggie sitr-fry with rice. 

Wed night - I'll post this recipe later if it turns out well, but I'll be making an Indian style yoghurt covered salmon.  I'll serve it with a nice fruity Indian rice and a cucumber salad.

Thursday night - salmon burgers again. 

As you can see, each night's dinners should take less than 30 minutes to cook. 

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