Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Souffle Success!

OK, I finally knocked out one of my dessert challenges--the souffle.  And not a savory souffle, but a chocolate souffle.  After making a souffle for the first time, I now know why restaurants make you order it when you order your entree.  Egg whites are highly sensitive and need to be baked once whipped.

I used a recipe from food network because it gave very good step-by-step instructions.  Instead of using bittersweet chocolate and doing an exact  measurement, I used semi-sweet chips and lessened the amount of sugar by 3 tablespoons.  I also halved the recipe, thinking it would fit 2 larger ramekins.  I was wrong.  The recipe would have fit 5 ramekins easily, even halved.  I'm not exactly sure what happened.  I also noticed that I couldn't fold the egg whites well enough.  I felt like the inside still had a bit of white and chocolate swirl, even though it isn't very noticeable.  Next time I'm going to try making a white chocolate souffle with raspberry sauce since I prefer that taste.  This was a bit too light and cocoaey (?) for me.

Here is the recipe

And the resulting photos.  When the souffles initially came out, they were much higher, and started sinking within a couple of minutes.

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