Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lasagna On The Fly

Sometimes the easiest thing to make is lasagna.  It makes for great leftovers, and pleases almost everyone (but not those who are against carbs).  Tonight's dinner was spinach and mushroom lasagna--no recipe required.  Everything is done to taste.

I started by sauteeing sliced mushrooms for a couple of minutes with a heaping spoon of minced garlic, sprinkle of nutmeg, salt, pepper,onion powder, and oil then added some fresh baby spinach, and let it sweat a bit.  While this was going on, I boiled the lasagna noodles according the the directions on the box.  Since I can't be bothered with making pasta sauce, I used the jarred stuff and added quite a bit of red pepper flakes to it since we like things spicy in our family. 

I then added the veggie mix to a combination of low fat cottage cheese, an egg, salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning.  

Then came the layering....sauce, noodles, veggie/cheese mix, and then a sprinkling of Italian cheese.  3 layers in all, and then an hour in a 350 oven, covered in foil for 3/4 of the time.

It was a hit, and an easy weeknight meal! The only complaint was really a matter of taste.  Mom said it wasn't salty enough, dad said it wasn't spicy enough, and I thought it was a bit too spicy and salty.  Go figure. 

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