Monday, October 26, 2009

Ultimate Thanksgiving Meal

I was just thinking about the ideal Thanksgiving dinner.  I've never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner because we always go to the same house every year.  That being said, I thought I'd run down my favorite items

1. Turkey--I don't eat meat, so I just wrote this because it's mandatory.  I'm thinking drunken turkey.
2. Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes
3. Rosemary and garlic sautéed red potatoes
4. Arugula and beet salad with fried goat cheese balls and candied pecans
5. Apple Raisin Stuffing- the really sticky kind
6. Butternut squash lasagna
7. Pecan pie
8. Pumpkin gingerbread trifle

Since there's stuffing, I thought there was no need for rolls. And I generally hate cooked American style vegetables, so I prefer a nice salad.  I think this is a carb-loving vegetarian's dream!


  1. I think I got fatter just reading this post.

  2. Ohhhh I need to send you a recipe as soon as I get it. I went to a Halloween part last week and she made these Pumpkin loaf cream cheese rolls that were DELICIOUS!!!

  3. Oooh, is that the Paula Deen recipe?